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Garden Office, Heeley


This design is for a new garden building for the client to use as an office and family room. The spaces are oriented to face the afternoon sun and open onto a sunken patio for use in summer. The walls and roof overhang are clad externally in cedar and use local stone for the feature fireplaces and chimney. Those walls and roof extend and taper to provide shelter whilst allowing the rooms and paving to capture more views of the garden and the last of the evening sun.

Developing Ideas

The Client wanted a new space to: 

  • Use as an office for their growing business

  • Use and store personal gym equipment

  • Have an extra living space for summer use

  • Have additional potential space to accommodate guests

Through a series of sketches, the layout and main elements of the design were tested and gradually improved. The final design is still the same as the initial L shape but features many new aspects. The patio, fireplace, window reading seat and external lighting were all added to the brief throughout the design process.

Daytime Renders

The building placement was designed to capture the afternoon and evening sunlight. So a series of renders were created to explore detailed ideas for internal furniture and features.

Evening Renders

The addition of an external patio would allow the building to be used much more in the evenings, so an initial lighting design was created. Angled up-down fittings light both the walkways and overhangs which provide partial shelter.